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What is Engineered Quartz and how it is formed?

Engineered quartz is a manmade product manufactured from a mix of quartz aggregate chips, a resin binder (typically unsaturated polyester), pigments and additives. It is made of 90-94% ground quartz and of 6 -10% resins pigments that are combined into durable and nonporous slabs. Engineered quartz has strength of granite counters—with better impact resistance to abrasion, scratches, dents, and even acids without the need for sealants.

The formation of engineered quartz starts with the selection of raw quartz materials. These are crushed and blended in the ratio of 92 to 93 percent quartz aggregates to 8 to 7 percent polyester resin and other additives. Then the mixture is compacted into slabs by a vacuum and vibration process of approximately 100 seconds at a pressure of about 100 tons. This process minimizes porosity and reduces water absorption. After this the slabs are put in a kiln at a temperature of 86° for about 35 minutes so that it can attain the necessary properties of resistance to stain and impact. After this the slabs are gauged, calibrated, polished and packed.

Characteristics of Engineered Quartz

What Are the Characteristics of Engineered Quartz?

Why engineered quartz is preferred as a countertop option by homeowners to adorn their kitchen as the modern technology adds brownie points to the already virtuous quartz that is magnificent both in looks and strength. Engineered quartz pattern resembles granite and marble. It has variety in designs like marble whereas it is highly durable as granite. Engineered quartz has uniformity and consistency in dimension and shade as it is a manmade product. Most patterns of engineered quartz resemble natural stone, but with a consistent pattern, texture and color. Thus flooring or countertops have a uniform appearance. Another feature about engineered stone that is loved by one and all is its nonporous and bacteria resistant nature, making it an obvious choice for the kitchen and bathroom countertops. It doesn’t even hold onto stains or odors. Some of the varieties of engineered stones have a lot of colors to pick from. Engineered quartz features superior performance because of its strength and durability. Engineered quartz surfaces are a savior if you need a low maintenance yet beautiful countertop. It is loved by everyone for their kitchen and bathroom countertop as it is best known for its resilience and robust nature.

Reason and Advantages of Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz can be used both in interior and exterior projects with equal dynamisms. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom then it is good to know a few advantages of Engineered Quartz:-

High durability and value for money: Engineered quartz is exceptionally durable. Engineered quartz has the same durability as marble and granite, but is quite a bit more forgiving, so it won’t chip or crack as easily. It is resilient against cracking, chipping, etching and scratching. Engineered quartz can withstand coming into contact with an acidic substance, where most other material would normally stain.

Highly resistant to stains, scratches and is nonporous: Engineered quartz is hard to stain because of the nonporous quality. The nonporous quality also does not allow viral or bacterial growth which is extremely important in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. Engineered quartz countertops, due to the process in which they’re made, hold up well to stains and are acid-abrasion resistant. It can withstand coming into contact with an acidic substance as well.

It is easy to maintain and low cost: Engineered quartz is usually easier to install than natural stone. When we talk about its affordability, it is relatively cost effective when we compare it to other options. It is a great choice because of its value as when you need something stylish and durable at your budget, engineered quartz is a great choice. Engineered quartz is a hard, nonporous surface, making it easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it using just soap and water or mild detergent.

Advantages of Engineered Quartz
Disadvantages of Engineered Quartz

Quartz maintenance and care

It has size limitations: Standard slabs of engineered quartzite are 65.5 inches wide and 132 inches long, so oversize countertops will require a seam. Granite and other natural stone have no such size limits.

It is sensitive to chemicals: Household chemicals based on alkaline or chemicals rich in acidic compounds like bleach or powerful cleaners can cause damage to engineered quartz.

Suggested Applications for Quartz

Thinking about remodeling your home? Engineered quartz can bring about that refreshing change you are looking for. Try using the fresh quartz to augment the look of your bathroom by using it as a vanity countertop. The high quality stone will instantly make your bathroom look extraordinary and garner a lot of compliments. With the changing trends in interiors, many designers are choosing engineered stones over the natural to beautify their houses by using them in stairs and tiles. The stones lift up the value of the house other than setting a trend. There are more advantages than disadvantages of using engineered quartz and that’s why it is a favorite of the homeowners.

Engineered quartz adds a lot of texture to your kitchen by making it look more appealing. It is a highly used material that works wonderfully as kitchen countertops for its multiple benefits. So it is beauty and versatility bundled up together. Other than this, quartz can be used as flooring, ceiling, staircase design, countertops, vanity tops and fence design. They stand true to their durable aspect and scores great marks when it comes to looks and color options. Quartz easily fits all your requirements, making it one of the most flexible stone that can be used in many ways.

Applications for Quartz

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