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Feature Wall

Bored of the same monotonous walls that make the whole house look drab? If the answer is yes, then feature walls are something that you must try. Featured walls are not mere just any random color painted walls that stand and stare at you all day long. Feature walls are more intent and strong in character and they enliven the space of your house. They are statement pieces that add dimension to your house. You can go all and about with the featured walls and break the monotony of the similar textures. While people have been experimenting and being playful with the ideas of the feature wall by painting, highlighting it with plants or books, it is the stone feature wall that has taken the top slot.

Natural stone feature wall like that of granite and marble does magic to your house. It epitomizes luxury and style. Granite and marble is the ultimate choice for interior walls and is highly recommended by the designers and sought after by the homeowners. At Classy Stone, you’ll find high quality stone in its rich patterns and designs that’ll adorn your house.

Stone wall

What is the purpose of a finishing surface? Types of Finishing for surfaces.

Feature Walls are in trend and the trend is here to stay for a long time. There has never been a better time to experiment than it is now. Feature walls are like a breakthrough in innovative interior designs that accentuate the elegance of the house. Wall finishing surface becomes a focal point of the house and attracts the attention of the guests. While there are many types of finishing surfaces like wallpapers, paint finish, cement plastered finish and glass mosaic finish that promise highlight the wall, it is the natural stone finish surfaces like that of granite and marble that are most coveted. These two not just light up the house by making it appear opulent and lavish but also have their own sets of advantages over the regular wallpaper and paint finish surfaces. Let’s take a closer look at why natural stone finish surfaces are highly desirable and also consider the drawbacks of wallpaper and paint finish surfaces.

bathroom Wallpaper
Wall paper

Wallpapers are great if you want to highlight a particular wall. They fit in budget and come in various patterns. However, when compared to natural stones like marble and granite, wallpapers are easily ruined because of water, stains or just normal wear and tear and also become pale with time. Moreover, it becomes very difficult to cut and paste the exact pattern that blends in the original wallpaper once it is torn. They are also very common and appear ordinary. Marble and granite on the other hand become statement pieces and uplift the whole look of the house. They are easy to maintain and are also durable.

Paint finish
Paint finish

Paint finish is another simple way to accentuate a wall by giving it either a textured paint finish or a laminated one. They are again very common and have become very boring since every other house uses paint finish to highlight their walls. Unlike marble and granite that stay strong and unaffected by the anomalies of weather, paint finish can easily chip or flake out during monsoons and also lose its luster. The worse part about paint finish is that when you try and touch up the flaky patch, the fresh color doesn’t really camouflage with the original wall. Granite and marble are one time investment in this case and are aesthetically great.

Advantages of Stone Product for Feature wall

It’s always a good time to transform your house with natural stones. They are a symbol of elegance, strength and speak a lot about your style. The best feature about natural stones is the fact that they are extremely versatile and fit in any corner of your house effortlessly. Be it an indoor or outdoor project, stone products steal the limelight wherever they are installed. Here is why stone products like marble and granite work bets for your house:

Eternal Elegance

There is no other material like natural stones (marble and granite) that has been used extensively across generations. They remain forever in vogue just because of their elegance that never goes out of style. They come in different patterns that can add variety yet lend uniformity to the house at the same time.

stone wall eternal elegance
stone wall durability

No matter how much you invest in getting the house walls painted with rich colors, they tend to fade away with time. Also, paint finish develops unwanted patterns because of the change in weather. Marble and Granite are bereft of all these disadvantages. They remain untouched and unaffected by the different weather conditions and remain in their glory for the longest time.

Beauty that Accentuates the Ambience

Marble and granite accentuates the house and becomes a centerpiece. It can augment the look of even an ordinary corner of the house whose wall you choose to adorn with natural stones. The ambience sparks and gleams the entire house.

stone wall Beauty that Accentuates the Ambience
Stone wall Resistance

Unlike wallpapers and paints that succumb to humidity, rains and chemicals, natural stones go a long way without needing much maintenance. They can easily tackle dampness and resist moss growth, making it a great investment for homeowners who look not just for aestheticism but also comfort that natural stones bring along. Natural stones can easily be termed as weatherproof stones that suit all climates.

Which Type of Feature Wall is Right for You?

There is more than one reason for why natural stones are lucrative options not just for homeowners but also for interior designers who can experiment and realize their imaginative ideas. From creating a particular look to achieving a bare look, natural stones mold themselves in any role. You can modify your house a great deal just by revamping the wall by making it into a feature wall using natural stones. To know which type of feature wall is right for you and what you should look for, hers is a the following brief:

Feature marble wall

The unsurpassed beauty of marble is known to one and all. Even the ancient sculptors vouch for it and have used marble to adorn various monuments. High-end elegance is sure to be achieved using marble. If your idea is to transform your living room and make it the talk of the town, then marble is what you should opt for. Not just the living room, but marble has the magical touch of converting anything into gold.

Granite Feature wall

The world has been fascinating over the beauty of granite. If you are looking to experiment with the décor of your house, then giving granite and its various pattern and color options a try is a natural choice. Also, if you have kids at your home and maintenance is a problem, then granite is great for it requires minimal fuss and fits in the budget too.

While marble and granite are readily available in the market, not every stone is genuine. From having cracks to stains, such types of stones can prove to be a waste of money if you don’t check them before buying. At ClassyStone, however, there is no need to fuss over verifying before buying since ClassStone’s very foundation is based on trust. ClassyStone specializes in providing genuine marble and granite that suits the requirements, budget and style of our valuable clients.


Feature wall becomes even more exciting by using natural stones as they are indisputably strong, extremely sophisticated to look at and bring variety. They remain eternally classy and never go out of style. They add value and worth to the house and are convenient to maintain. Give natural stones a try and get ready for the never-ending compliments that will come your way.

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