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Bathroom Wall

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Bathroom Wall

If one is given an option to go for a bathroom wall that is an amalgamation of both luxury and durability, there is absolutely no reason to miss it. Natural stone like marble and granite has that ability to make that amazing transformation. Use these natural stones anywhere and it’ll make the otherwise functional space very sophisticated to look at. Because of its versatility, people are now using stone to liven up every corner of their house and not just confining it to the countertops. Marble and granite can be readily used to accentuate the beauty of the bathroom by using them as half walls, complete walls or even as a shower wall.

Classy Stone deals with the best natural stone range to beautify your house. Our massive pattern range to choose from marble and granite makes shopping an exciting one. Our products are genuine and our professionals go out of their way to understand your budget, style and functional requirements.

Bathroom Wall

What is the purpose of a finish surface in Bathroom

Bathroom walls add luxury to your home space. The primary aim is to take the look of the house to another level altogether. Bathroom walls with marble or granite look extremely graceful, magnificent and stand out from the rest of the items like ceramic tiles, wallpapers etc. The advantages of using marble or granite are endless, especially when we look at the other options available in the market. While marble and granite fit flawlessly wherever installed, they are also pretty durable and remain eternally beautiful. Bathroom is the space where water and moisture is always present but both marble and granite are resistant to water and moisture which makes them a great choice for bathroom wall. Routine maintenance of both marble and granite wall is easy as both are easy to clean.

bathroom tile

Tiles are pretty common as a bathroom wall option, not many are acquainted with its shortcomings. Tiles come in standard and fix sizes. They are smaller compare to stones and for this reason they will have more joints gap while grounding. Installing tiles is a bad idea if you are looking forward to a low maintenance-finishing surface. As compared to granite and marble, tiles demand a lot of cleaning. They also chip with time while granite and marble remain intact. Also, granite and marble give a seamless look to the bathroom because of uniformity that lacks in tiles. Tiles do not give the seamless look because of the visible lines when we lay them together due to the fixed sizes whereas you won’t find any lines in marble and granite wall as they come in different sizes and shapes. The effect of stones will be able to have continual grains as it come from a wide slab of stones but tiles cant because the pattern are repeated and are identical grains which don’t have a cohesive look.

bathroom Wallpaper

Marble and Granite have the quality to pour magic in your bathroom that other products fail to do so. While many people choose to go for wallpapers as their bathroom wall option, their disadvantages make them less popular. Wallpapers when done on a damaged or uneven wall, fail to accentuate it. Granite and marble on the other hand, work wonderfully well by making the bathroom look graceful. Due to humidity and water, wallpapers tend to fade and tear with time. Marble and granite are resistant to humidity and are very easy to clean. They are low on maintenance and stand the tests of time.

Advantages and purpose of marble and granite in Bathroom wall

Stone finishing in a bathroom makes a momentous transformation by enhancing its value. Aesthetic value is just one of the benefits that come along with the stone finish surface. There are many other benefits of a stone surface in a bathroom wall. Let’s have a look at them:


Marble and granite to make a statement with the bathroom. They have unique patterns and designs to choose from and look marvelous as a shower wall, half wall or a statement wall. Their versatility knows no bounds and complements your bathroom in numerous ways. You can achieve any look using marble and granite finishing surface.

Worthy of Investment

Marble and granite are totally worthy of investment, as they remain evergreen forever. They withstand the ravages of time. They are highly affordable as compared to the other finishing surfaces as they remain the same forever and last in terms of durability. These natural stones also have good resale value.

Low Maintenance

Granite and marble is known for their non-porous characteristic that makes them a highly sought after natural stone option. They are resistant to stains and scratches that make it retain its newness for a very long time. Their durability is another feature that makes it a favorite. They stand true to their durability and low maintenance features. People, who don’t want to undergo the hassle of redoing everything while cleaning the bathroom, can easily choose these marble or granite.


Which Type of Bathroom wall is Right for You?

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom then just getting a wall remodeling can bring a drastic change to your whole bathroom. By simply introducing marble or granite to your bathroom can have a major impact on the aesthetic quality. To know which bathroom wall is right for you, here is what you need to know:


If you want your bathroom to stand out and be a reservoir of compliments, then marble is the right choice for you. Marble comes in various patterns and options.


Another favorite finishing wall surface that accentuates the appearance of the bathroom is granite. Being durable, exquisite and very simple to maintain, granite is a highly recommended natural stone. Granite is resistant to acid, bacteria or alcohol. So if you are a busy bee and find it hard to clean the bathroom walls regularly, granite is the right choice for you.

Choosing from ClassyStone gives homeowners an array of range to choose from. We recommend the best to our clients after carefully understanding their perspectives and requirements. We also offer a wide spectrum of genuine marble and granite range to choose from. Our high quality stone options make you long to use all of them in different ways to highlight or enhance your bathroom décor.


The virtues of marble and granite make them highly desirable by homeowners and interior designers across the globe. If you are about to revamp your house, then don’t just restrict the natural stones to the kitchen or bathroom countertops. Marble and granite can be easily experimented with and add fun and mood to your house. ClassyStone is an all in one manufacturer of natural stones where you can find unlimited options along with the understanding about their various applications and advantages.

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