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Living & Dining Flooring

The space where you can lounge around and spend some quality time with your family and friends by sitting together is your living room. The living room demonstrates a lot about your unique sense of self and style. Dining room is another space that emits a lot of energy for the whole family to get together from breakfasts to dinners. Your house in general should reflect your comforting and zenful vibes and it is natural that you give thoughtful research before building or remodeling the house.

Flooring plays an integral part in establishing the whole look to your living or dining room. The factors in deciding the flooring are your subjective style, maintenance (considering the footfall), and comfort. Cost is a big factor too when it comes to remodeling the house but it should come without neglecting elegance or the aesthetic sense. Stone flooring is an answer to the mentioned factors.

Stone is known for its versatility and strength. It can be used to adorn the house in any way you want-carved, polished, matted or just by adding color variety. It adds luxury and elegance to your house. No doubt, people are so drawn towards natural stones, especially marble and granite. Durability and resilience is another attractive factor that makes stone floorings so coveted.

Classy Stone is a prime hub when it comes to offering a variety of natural stones flooring to beautify your house. We at Classy Stone believe in building not just homes but also relationships and that is the testimony of our long associations with our clients. We excel at helping our clients plan, guide according to their style and providing them the best stone flooring designs that suit their requirements and budget.

Living & Dining Flooring
Living & Dining Flooring
finishing surface

What is the purpose of a finishing surface?

Appearance and comfort are the two things that characterize are house. While comfort can be achieved by being with the people we care for, choosing the best materials that do justice to our ideas and design can enhance aesthetic appeal of the house. No matter what material we go for, its finishing plays a vital part in augmenting the visual appeal. It lends, binds and retains the elegance.

The purpose of a finishing surface is to transform a manufactured surface by enhancing it superficially and internally. The improved version of the surface becomes prominent in terms of aesthetics, adhesion, solderability, chemical-, corrosion-, tarnish- or wear-resistance, hardness, electrical conductivity, flaw removal, and surface friction control.

Advantages and purpose of a stone finish surface in Living and dining floor

Stone finish surface in living and dining floor exudes opulence and elegance at the same time. The beauty and classiness of natural stones has been garnering a lot of adulation since time immemorial. The sculptors used natural stone to bring out magnificence in the otherwise ordinary projects. Natural stones such as granite and marble are known for their unique properties like beauty and brawn, making them the obvious choice of people worldwide. Let’s see why the stone finish surface in Living and dining floor dominates other materials.


Natural stones undoubtedly surpass any other materials when it comes to durability and strength. Trust granite and marble for their overwhelming strength that easily takes heavy traffic, spills, water or moisture as compared to other floorings like wood that can easily succumb to these factors. Also, other flooring options like Parquet won’t last long as Parquet is not better than granite and marble because it wraps easily and becomes uneven overtime.


What makes a stone finish surface an absolute desirable flooring option is the hassle free nature. The people who have carpeted floorings can easily connect with the point, as they have to go through an ordeal every time they clean it. Moreover carpets collect allergens that can be detrimental for people with allergies. Stone floorings can be cleaned easily using a vacuum or just be wiped with a wet cloth.

Grabs attention

Stone Finish Surface in living rooms is surely a head turner. Be it marble or granite, people won’t stop gushing over the graceful flooring that will add value to your house. Granite is the favorite of homeowners when not just used as a counter but also as the kitchen flooring for it makes the kitchen look extraordinarily elegant.

Grabs attention
stone special
Every Stone is Special

Granite and Marble are truly virtuous in the sense that they are naturally unique. Other than being strong and resistant to many of the external factors, they supersede any other flooring range because of their countless patterns.

Marble and Granite VS tiles, vinyl, parquet and screed


Tiles are slippery, hard, and not seamless. Tiles have lines and are prone to shattering if heavy objects are dropped on them. While on the other hand, marble and granite are natural stones with opulent look & royal feel. Marble and granite looks gorgeous, they are durable, hardwearing and resistant to shattering.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring cannot be repaired and has shorter lifespan as compared to marble and granite. Vinyl flooring, since it is made with PVC resin, can release toxic gases into the air, a process known as “off gassing.” It can even build up over time in a room. This can produce asthmatic responses in sensitive individuals and contributes to indoor air pollution. Whereas marble and granite are natural stones that they don’t off-gas and are eco friendly.

parquet flooring

Because parquet flooring is made of wood, it is susceptible to moisture and humidity as compared to marble and granite. Also, parquet is not better than granite and marble because it wraps easily and becomes uneven overtime but marble and granite will last really long.


There’s no denying that screed is hard underfoot, a quality that some find uncomfortable. It does not give luxurious feel and finishing which we get from marble and granite flooring. Also, the concrete flooring cannot be satisfactorily repaired by patch work whereas we can easily do that with marble and granite flooring.

Which Type of Living/bedroom/kitchen floor is Right for You?

Your house flooring is that ultimate feature that can add dimension to your house by changing the look of it. With the number of options in the market these days, it can be a little baffling to choose the correct flooring for each room for every room carries a vibe with it. Stone floorings have proved their mettle by surpassing every other flooring material in terms of durability and exquisiteness. If you are still wondering which type of floor is best for your kitchen/living or bedroom, then follow our guide to choose the right flooring for your house. Unquestionably, there are various options available in the market-hardwood; vinyl, laminates, tiles etc. are all there to claim their share of fame. They may be affordable indeed, but


Granite is an excellent material for your kitchen. Kitchen flooring should be sturdy, heat resistant. You don’t have to fear any spills spoiling the flooring that can be a frustrating task when other floorings like carpet or wood is used. Cleaning the kitchen floor becomes super easy and less time consuming if you choose granite or dark granite. Easily wipe it off with a wet cloth and you are sorted.


If you choose to go for marble flooring, you can easily add value to your house. Not just will your living room brighten up the whole house but even if you resale it, the value of the house won’t depreciate. Marble adds value to the house both literally and metaphorically. Also different patterns can spoil you for choices and you can even match the upholstery or décor with the flooring.

Marble can also be used for the flooring of your bedroom. The superiority it brings along with itself speaks volumes about this rich looking yet affordable material. The different colors and patterns of marble give you a broad horizon to choose from something that matches your taste and style. Durable and beautiful, marble never goes out of style.

Where people want to lay their hands on marble and granite to beautify their homes, it is also important to know that there are all kinds of materials available in the market. Not every granite and marble is genuine. A first time buyer can get easily confused. ClassyStone is the ultimate destination when it comes to buying and fabricating genuine natural and engineered stones like marble and granite. Our professionals pitch in by not just helping the clients in guiding and planning, but also giving them the best option available after understanding the perspectives and style of the client.


Your house flooring depicts a lot more about your lifestyle and personality than just mere the visual appeal. The flooring is a one-time investment when you build a new house or remodel it. Natural stone like granite and marble prove their worth every time by standing the test of time, lending an exquisite value and appeal to the living room/bedroom/kitchen.

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