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Bathrooms today have totally stolen the limelight from bedrooms and living rooms. People pay more attention to the ambience of the same, considering the time spent there to relax. More than just the functionality of the bathroom, vanity has become an integral part of the bathroom. Therefore, vanity countertops have a major role to play in beautifying the bathroom. Vanity countertops bring life to the bathroom. A workspace that not just amazingly fits in and complements your bathroom but also adorns it. Finding the correct vanity countertop to enhance your bathroom that’ll stay with you for a long time is an experience in itself. We at ClassyStone bring the best of designs that can transform your bathroom. We specialize in classic stones that can be customized into splendid vanity countertop designs. Compliments are sure on your way when you get in touch with ClassyStone to make your bathroom speak for itself. Our skilled executives will not only show you the designs but also explain which material is the best for your budget, style and lifestyle. Our ethics and professionalism has certainly made us the first choice of the clients.

What is the purpose of Vanity CounterTop and what is the best choice of stones?

Vanity countertops are more than just about vanity. Of course, they make the guests envious and become the glory of the bathroom but that’s just not enough. They conceal the plumbing other than enhancing the whole look of the bathroom. They also serve as unique storage pieces that can hide all your bathroom essentials. They are not just pretty, but versatile too. Wondering what factors to consider while revamping your bathroom? There are many elements that come into play while choosing that perfect vanity countertop for your bathroom. Don’t let them baffle you! You can choose from a list of options and then decide accordingly what suits your budget, the usage (number of people using the space), style and subjectivity. The idea of upgrading your bathroom or just adding a little zing to it by doing the vanity countertop should be done by keeping the aesthetics as well as the functional quality in mind. Both adults and children use the bathroom space so it should be dynamic. Other than just the function, vanity countertops are also handy when you have to grab a few eyeballs. They surely can become the center of attention of any bathroom and are sure to steal the limelight.

What if we tell you that stone countertops can fulfill dual functions?

They are both jazzy and versatile and can bridge the gap of durability and maintenance too. No doubt, there are many vanity countertops materials available in the market, but nothing beats the exquisiteness of stone countertops. Let’s take a look at why stone countertops are the best for vanity countertops: Vanity countertops have a vital role to play in adding beauty and character to the bathrooms. Stone countertops are just the right blend of aestheticism and functionality. Stones are not just unique but also don’t get scratched or marred easily. Stone countertops like granites are easy to maintain. Granite is edgy in design and quite durable. That is one of the main reasons stone countertops are preferred by a vast majority of homeowners. Other engineered stone vanity surfaces like Quartz are non-absorbent, thereby, giving it a quality of being a minimalist. It is easy to maintain if we consider the functional part and full of elegance, as its extrinsic aspect can’t be ignored as well. Also quartz gives you enough range of patterns and designs to select from, out of which some even replicate the natural stones. Another virtuous stone countertop that adds oomph and grace to your bathroom is Marble that is synonymous with class and affluence. The more color patterns that emerge from the natural white adds definition to your bathrooms. Ranging from white streaks to grey and blues, every pattern is exquisite. Going by your own subjective style, you can decide if you want to keep the loom matte or glossy and decide to polish or keep the natural look of the marble.

Stone countertops can fulfill dual functions

Which Type of Vanity Countertop is Right for You?

When building or redoing the bathroom, you only want the best material and designs for the space. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the idea of vanity countertops can easily be lost in the number of options. It is a great idea to be prepped before you lay your hands on the final product so that the fulfilling experience lasts for the longest time. As much as we want the guests to marvel at the elegance brought by the vanity countertops, we also want to satiate our personal satisfaction that comes with factors like low maintenance, durability, worth the money invested and resistant from scratch and stains. You can play with the various looks of your bathroom. From giving it countryside touch or the contemporary, from making it bold or elegant, this piece of information will come handy to you if you are on the lookout for the right vanity countertop for your bathroom that does justice to the following features:

Marble Vanity Countertops
The Extrinsic Beauty

When it comes to create an elegant ambience with luxurious look for bathroom, marble feature attractive streaks and swirls, it makes the bathroom floor unique. The lustrous effect that it lends to the bathroom makes it the favorite of one and all. It adds glitz and glam to the bathroom, making it look appealing and opulent. The vanity countertops made of marble are rich and radiant. They transform the bathroom by making them look vibrant. The easy and varied color option is an added virtue of marble and makes it one of the most coveted vanity countertop materials.

Quartz Bathroom Countertops
Easy to Maintain

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a vanity countertop that is rich superficially yet extremely low on maintenance? Quartz not only gives your bathroom the look that it deserves but also saves your precious time, energy and money when it comes to maintenance. No matter what kind of detergents, hand soaps and cleaners you use, quartz will be able to maintain its beauty and performance for years to come. Considering that the bathroom is used by one and all, quartz is pretty simple to maintain. Any stain can be wiped off by a mere piece of cloth. The material is scratch resistant, which means, you don’t have to worry about kids mishandling the same.

Granite Vanity Countertops
Highly durable

When it comes to durability, granite is highly durable material. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth that’s resistant to heat and many other kitchen elements. It is worth spending the money on, as the quality remains unaffected by the wraiths of time.

Advantages of Stone Product Vanity Countertops

When buying a vanity stone countertop, it is imperative to weigh the pros and cons to make the perfect decision that will make you content of your choice. If you have stone vanity countertops on your mind, then the advantages of the same are numerous. They instantly modify your bathroom space by giving it luxuriance and lavishness. Stone countertops are naturally strong, thereby; they can stand the tests of time. Let’s take a closer look at some of their advantages. Stone countertops ooze out a high-end market appeal because of their classy looks. Besides the class and elegance, stone countertops are solid and reliable. They do not deform for a long time and spare you from going crazy over renovations time and again. Stone vanity countertops are numero uno because of their strength and easy to clean nature. They win in terms of versatility and function. The natural stones like marble and granite are as attractive as the engineered stone like Quartz. They beautify the bathroom and seamlessly fit your subjective style statements. With the countless range of patterns, they come handy in giving the required look to your bathroom. One time investment is all you need and it can turn out to be a promising element to your bathroom. It takes little maintenance and proves to be extremely durable. Stone countertops are heat resistant whereas plastic laminate can burn or melt when touched by hot surfaces. They are any day more durable than tiles and the other engineered vanity countertop materials. Stone vanity countertops give a royal appeal to the bathroom as compared with the other surfaces like wood, tile or glass. Stone countertops are worth every single penny invested as they are high on endurance and can easily sustain any blow like scratches and stain to which the other surfaces succumb easily. Stone countertops are not just highly recommended because of the virtuous properties but also highly sought after, as customers love the exquisiteness that it brings along and how it adds value to their bathrooms.

Advantages of Stone Vanity Countertops
Vanity Countertops for Bathroom


Choosing a stone vanity countertop for your bathroom can do justice to your aesthetic prowess and give you a good value on your spend. Granite owes a lot to its crystalline properties that make it a complete winner in terms of strength and qualities. Quartz, marble and granite are tremendously rich in color and patterns that give you more options to choose from. Vanity countertops made of stone are beautiful and hard wearing unlike any other material that may be cheaper but lacks intensity.

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