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Kitchen Countertop

A kitchen is the heart of the house. It also speaks volumes about the aesthetic sense and style of its occupants. Kitchen countertops have a vital role to play in adding that zing and elegance to the kitchen. What do you imagine your dream kitchen to be like? Don’t let it stay as a figment of your imaginations! Classy Stone can make your dream come true. Classy Stone takes pride to ensure that our clients choose from the latest and trendiest countertop designs. Besides offering you the best and luxurious designs, we also make sure that you are relaxed and satisfied while picking your favourite designs. We place high regards in comprehending your considerations. Not sure how to choose? You can consider these options while choosing the right countertop for your kitchen – convenience, style, maintenance, colour coordination and not forgetting that unique touch which resonates with you and your family. To help you revamp your kitchen, our professionals at Classy Stone will give you the best advice on transforming your kitchen that will cater to your budget, eye for aestheticism and durability concerns.

Kitchen Countertops Singapore

What is the Best Kitchen Countertop Material?

The kitchen countertop you choose speaks volume about your personality and individuality! Classy Stone has various designs to help you select the best one depending on your style and space. Whether it’s revamping the kitchen or building a new one, your dream kitchen is what we care about. We aim to make the process of selecting the countertop for your kitchen easy and exciting by giving you the best of both worlds – style and function. You just need to see what’s in your checklist and we got your backs. Let’s make the journey of remodelling your kitchen a memorable one! We understand that too many options with an extensive range of designs may be confusing to you. Don’t let your hard-earned money go in vain by making the wrong choice. Here is a little guide on all you need to know about the best kitchen countertop material to get you started. We recommend Granite and Quartz as the stone material for your countertop. Granite and Quartz top the rankings for durability, resistance, maintenance and versatility. They remain ever-elegant through time as they were at the time of purchase. They can easily resist the harshest of stains like oil spills or any other greasy liquid stains as they are less porous. This means liquids less able to enter the surfaces of the stones. Because of their non-porous nature, they are long-lasting and easy on maintenance. Another property of Quartz and Granite is that its stone is highly compact. This means that these stones will not crack or stain easily, plus, it is more heat resistant compared to other surfaces.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

If toughness, resistance and durability is what you seek, then Granite can be the best option for you. it is not just trendy but also virtuous. The granite can resist the strong strokes of heat which is a plus point when cooking in your kitchen. It can also add that extra touch of luxury besides catering to the necessary roles it promises to fulfill.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If you are looking for something that can be easily taken care of, Quartz is something you should invest in. They come in a wide range of solid colours, look regal like granite and beat most stones in toughness. Its wide range of colours is a result of the pigments. Also, quartz requires no sealing that naturally gives it a negligible maintenance surface.

The Advantages of Stone Kitchen Countertop

Which is Right for You?

It won’t be wrong to say that one can easily find oneself lost when it comes to choosing from diverse options. Picking the right countertop for your kitchen can be tricky and confusing, that too when surrounded by a number of options. You want an expert by your side that can simplify the options for you and also take care of your other queries. You get everything under one roof- Classy Stones. It is always better to be sound with information and consider all perspectives before coming to a conclusive decision. The durability of the kitchen countertop is an important aspect to consider before buying any material. So if the question ‘which kitchen countertop is right for you’ is boggling you, there are a few considerations to choose from like the aesthetic sense, how it stands through the ravages of time and maintenance. Reflecting on your lifestyle could give you a good insight into what you want from your kitchen countertops.

An Eye for Details

If you love interior design and want the fashionable stones to be incorporated into the overall appearance of your kitchen, You’ve come to the right place, Classy Stone. When compared with other countertops, a stone countertop can almost fit any look of your kitchen- rustic or contemporary and are eternally stylish. The other countertops like laminate or ceramic tiles can easily be confined to a specific look and lack versatility. Stone countertops and elegance go hand in hand. As explained above, they are more superior than any other countertop materials. Select any granite countertop or quartz one to modify your kitchen and you’ll see the drastic difference. They are distinct, unique and add character to your kitchen. When compared with other countertops like ceramic, wood or tiles, stone countertops make their presence felt as every stone is different from the other, thereby, it breaks the monotony of similar textures and tones and gives a new breath of life to the kitchen.

fashionable stones

Stone countertops are not just pretty but strong too. Durability is the best feature that makes these countertops much sought after. They are way more durable than laminate, wood or ceramic. Kitchen countertops ought to be functional in many ways. After all, who wouldn’t fancy the idea of using the countertops to the fullest without worrying about heat resistance or getting rid of scratches? Also, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Just clean or wipe it with a wet cloth and you are good to go. The stone countertops would only need to be changed when you remodel your house. They stand the tests of time like no one better. Their robust appearance matches their character as well. They can easily bear all damages done without showing any sign of giving up.

Pocket Friendly

Sometimes fashion comes with a price and sometimes it doesn’t. If you can ignore the price to satiate your desire and not compromise with aestheticism then concrete, granite or quartz are the options for you. They are any day better and long lasting than any other material as they are not just gorgeous to look at but also tough and last as long as you want it to be. They justify every penny you spend on them.

Pocket Friendly Stone Countertops
Aesthetic Appeal
Aesthetic Appeal

Granite and Quartz are dynamic since time immemorial. They are not just attractive but also tough and dependable. Stone Countertops epitomize aestheticism and appeal. Granite and Quartz work wonders for the overall attraction of your kitchen and raise the style quotient. You can never go wrong with them. When compared to the other countertops like tile or laminate, stone countertops are much more royal in their looks.

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