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Get to Know the Best Vanity Countertop Types and Materials for Your Bathroom

Get to Know the Best Vanity Countertop Types and Materials for Your Bathroom

Vanity countertops do much more than just house the sink. They provide space, storage, and a way to hide the plumbing. They often act as the unifying design piece for the whole room. Let’s start with the basics and learn more about the different types of vanity countertops.

Minimalistic Integrated Tops

The perfect answer to simplicity—minimalistic integrated tops are among the most popular bathroom countertops in Singapore. With the sink basin connected directly to the vanity top, they are efficient to set up and easy to clean.

Artistic Cut-out Tops

As the sink basin needs to be purchased separately, this countertop type requires a complex installation process. However, they are perfect for people who value customisation. Work towards your dream bathroom as you explore different variations and styles.  

Trendy Vessel Tops

Looking for something trendy yet not too excessive? Well, trendy vessel tops are for you. It’s modern and stylish yet simple and minimalist – providing the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. 

Other than picking the right vanity countertop type, ensuring that it’s made from the best quality materials is crucial in guaranteeing longevity and durability which also suits your aesthetic needs. Marble, granite and quartz are the best materials for this. Here’s a quick recap –

  • Marble vanity tops: Expensive yet classic, they are extremely adaptable and can go well with any materials such as wood and steel to pull off the best look. 
  • Granite vanity tops: Boasts versatility and durability and can suit your aesthetic needs – anything from casual to vintage. 
  • Quartz vanity tops: If minimalism is your cup of tea, these tops are the one to go with. It’s tough and highly resistant with little maintenance needed. 

Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to explore the world of bathroom vanity with your favorite supplier, Classy Stone. Build your dream bathroom with us!  Contact us today.

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