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How long will marble really last for?

Marble, if well taken care of, can last anywhere between three to ten years! As any stone supplier in Singapore would tell you, the installation of the tiles and type of maintenance will determine the longevity and lustre of any marble surface.

Apart from having to be exceptionally skillful, the installer needs to ensure that the set out lines are double-checked, and develop a cutting list to produce the optimal visual effect. In addition, the installer should take on the responsibility of doing on-site checks for dimension accuracy. This includes undertaking the proper procedures such as conducting water-proofing tests for wet areas. In short, use the above as a checklist when deciding who to appoint as your marble installer and you should be good. 

Once the marble has been installed, the rest is up to you, the owner, to maintain or even extend the lifespan of this wonderful natural stone. 

Firstly, it is important to clean frequently with a soft cloth or mop. Avoid acidic and alkaline cleaners at all costs as it could damage your marble and opt for mild cleaning products instead. For any spillages, wipe them up quickly with a dry cloth to prevent any staining.

Next, get your sealer reapplied ideally every 12 months. There are three main types of marble tile sealers – topical, penetrating and impregnating. Topical sealers offer some level of protection but wear out quickly. Penetrating and impregnating sealers on the other hand, provide superior protection, repelling against liquids and oils. 

Lastly, polish your marble when it has lost its shine every five to ten years so that you can maintain its lustre! Since repolishing and the reapplication of an impregnating stone sealer are typically done together, we recommend that you check in with your preferred marble supplier in Singapore on the next best steps. 

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