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3 solid reasons why you should get a quartz kitchen countertop if you’re a busy parent with young kids

Being a parent with a young child or a couple of kids can be difficult to manage, especially if they have too much energy to expend. When in the kitchen with these little ones, things can get messy and chaotic, so here are three solid points on why a quartz kitchen countertop might be the perfect fit for your household. 

For one, it’s an extremely durable material; highly resistant to cracks, chips, stains, and even scratches! This makes it an ideal material for those with heavy hands or butter fingers – adults included. 

Two, quartz is nonporous, which keeps bacteria and viruses at bay. In this climate where hygiene is of utmost importance, a superior material like quartz can help safeguard your family from bacteria that thrive in hot and humid environments like Singapore. Having a quartz table top in Singapore can thus relieve your worries of harbouring germs in your kitchen. 

Lastly, having quartz for your kitchen countertop means easy cleaning and maintenance. Imagine your toddler toppling over a glass of red wine and spilling it all over the counter. All you have to do is soak a washcloth in some warm soapy water for the initial cleanup, and then use a regular glass cleaner for a deeper clean. It’s as simple as that! You do however need to make sure that your cleaning products do not contain bleach or any abrasive substances as these could be damaging to quartz.

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