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How to come out on “top” with your kitchen countertop!

A key work surface and the centrepiece of a kitchen, kitchen countertops contribute critically in setting the style and artistic sense of the house. The caveat is that both materials are considered premium. So, which should you choose?

First, a quick look at granite countertops.

Granite is extremely durable and has great value for money. Being one of the hardest materials, it is long-lasting, stain and scratch-resistant and is able to withstand various conditions — including messy children and clumsy folk, that could easily wear down other inferior kitchen countertop materials. Moreover, you’ll also have the convenience of placing a warm pot of soup or a skillet right off the stove, onto your granite countertop.

A quick wipe down is all it takes to return your granite countertops to a nice, clean state, should some coffee or red wine happen to get onto it. When well-maintained, your granite countertop promises to keep its luscious sheen.

Despite its numerous benefits, granite countertops may be susceptible to acids, liquids and some cosmetics. But that’s about the same for any countertop material. The less carelessness, the better! 

High durability and value for moneyNeeds to be sealed regularly
Highly resistant to stains, heat and scratchesLess porous than marble, meaning it can be susceptible to acids, liquids and cosmetics.
Hardest countertop material that is easy to maintain.

Next, let’s zoom in on quartz countertops.

Similar to granite, quartz is also remarkably durable, but also most forgiving, especially if you have a heavy-handed person in your household, saving your countertop from cracks and chips. Quartz countertops are even able to weather through acidic substances that would often stain other materials like laminates or engineered quartz.

In addition to being exceptionally resistant to stains and scratches, quartz countertops are nonporous. This means that it is nearly impossible for viruses or bacteria to grow, making it a natural disinfectant! They are also a wonderfully elegant alternative and a pocket-friendly kitchen countertop option, compared to marble. 

One thing to note is that quartz has a size limitation, with larger kitchen countertops requiring seams. So make sure you get a reliable stone specialist to help you with this. 

High durability and value for moneyHas size limitations
Highly resistant to stains, scratches and is nonporousSensitive to chemicals
Easy to maintain and low cost

Now that we’ve laid out the many advantages of granite and quartz kitchen countertops and how they outweigh other materials, you should know what to do to be on top of your kitchen countertop game! 

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