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Why marble and granite should be used for your flooring

Having a hard time choosing what material to use for your flooring? Well, we’re here to clear your doubts and tell you that granite and marble are just superior! Get all the details you need to know about marble and granite stone flooring so that you can make an informed decision!

First, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of alternative flooring options, namely screed, tiles, parquet and vinyl. Tiles and screed may not be the best choice for both elderly and children. Heavy objects toppling onto these flooring materials may result in severe or irreversible shattering. In the tropical climate of Singapore, the high levels of humidity means your flooring is subjected to moisture all year round. The grout lines of tiles are susceptible to this and will result in a build-up of stains and mildew in the long run. Screed, on the other hand, appears unfinished and may also appear unpresentable to some. Now although parquet may be a preferred choice, its resistance to humidity is similar to that of tiles where bacteria and mildew can manifest. On top of that, parquet is also prone to scratches. As for vinyl flooring, the adhesive that holds it in place wears out easily in hot and humid environments. This often results in peeling! 

Tiles– Affordable
– Relatively durable
– Prone to shattering from heavy objects toppling
– Grout lines are susceptible to moisture and stains
Screed– Low maintenance- Relatively durable– Appears unfinished 
Parquet– Affordable
– Can be long lasting – if maintained well
– Vulnerable to scratches
– Might allow bacteria to manifest in humid conditions
– Prone to discolouration
Vinyl– Easy to maintain- Wide range of styles– Prone to peeling
– Made from PVC which is harmful to the environment
Marble– Durable-
– Easy to clean – Elegant
– Needs maintenance
– Porous nature may cause stain
Granite– Pristine and luxurious looking
 – Durable
– Scratch resistant
– Impervious to liquids
– Does not frequently harbour allergens
– Flexible in style
– Possibility of stains
– Water may seep in if protective coat wears off 

Now, let’s look at what marble stone flooring brings to the table. Marble tiles are highly durable, able to withstand the various forms of wear and tear and preserve their pristine look. Furthermore, marble flooring is water-resistant, thus a breeze to clean and does not accumulate potential allergens that pose a risk to those with allergies. Last but not least, marble tiles elevate the look and elegance of a space, and can even lift one’s mood!

Granite stone for flooring is also an excellent choice, being incredibly durable and long-lasting due to it not easily being scratched and scarred. Granite stone flooring is also optimal for areas that are frequently exposed to water, due to its impervious nature against liquids. Additionally, the myriad of styles and colours available allow you to mix and match the flooring with your homes for that perfect combination. Besides that granite is highly suited for people with high sensitivities, as they do not frequently harbour allergens. 

Now that you’ve got a sense of how marble and granite are head and shoulders above the rest, you should be in the position to make a better-informed decision on which flooring material you need for your home. If you have more questions to be answered, contact your trusted marble supplier or granite supplier, Classy Stone! 

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