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Bathroom Flooring

While most people only narrow down their choices of bathroom flooring based on the looks, it is not advisable that we neglect the other factors such as its ability to withstand water and humidity. After all, bathroom flooring not only has to attract attention but also live up to the other expectations of the homeowners.

Choice of bathroom flooring primarily depends on the lifestyle one has. Of course when you step out to zero down on the options, you’ll find a number of them. What really matters is considering the option keeping in mind the number of members, their age and the versatility of the flooring. Stone flooring is the trendiest in terms of exuding luxury, low maintenance and the functional part. marble and granite are the front runners when it comes to giving your bathroom a lavish look.

Classy Stone is a leading center where you can find the latest trends in bathroom flooring. Our professionals help your find the best flooring that will do wonders for your bathroom and suit your subjective style. You’ll find exciting options under one roof and get the best guidance based on your budget, style and comfort.

bathroom flooring

What is the purpose of a finishing surface? Types of Finishing for surfaces.

Marble and Granite VS tiles and screed

A bathroom of the house is one space where one can find relaxation and rejuvenation. Gone are the days when people would only pay attention to the living room or bedroom. Bathroom has emerged out to be the most eye grabbing spaces that reflect a lot about our personal style. Right from your morning routine to your evening showers, the time you spend in your bathroom should leave you soothed and relaxed. Also, it should be able to even out the other factors such as water and bacteria resistance.

A finishing surface for your bathroom adds that glorious touch to your bathroom. It is not just pleasing to the eyes when compared to the floors that are mere concrete or bricked, but also fulfills other functions. There are many types of finishing for surfaces available in the market and to pick from them can be a little challenging. The types of stone finishing are polishes, honed, sandblasted, abrasive and exfoliated. Every stone surface lends a different characteristic to the floor. Stone finishing for surfaces like marble and granite has been quite a rage for sometime now, owing to their potentials and qualities. While tiles and screed are quite common too, they do have their drawbacks that make them less popular. The main disadvantages of using them are:


Tiles are preferred by many as they set the tome of the house but their drawbacks make them a less popular choice than granite and marble. Tiles need proper care to prevent flaking. Theyalso hamper the overall look of the flooring because of the lines that fail to give them a seamless look. The problem with the tiles is that even if one of them has a defect, the tile is cut away from the grout lines that further defects the adjacent material. Marble and granite adorn the floor with their finishing. They are seamless and lend a soothing sheen to the floor, making them a preferred choice of many.


While screed is another type of finishing, it is less preferred due to its rough and dirty feel. The defects are highly noticeable and they cannot be repaired by patchwork. Granite and marble on the other hand are smooth and polished. They are durable and much more resistant than concrete.

Advantages and purpose of a stone finish surface in Bathroom floor

In the golden era of the past, only the rich could afford stone finish surface as the bathroom floor to flaunt the exquisiteness. The trend has continued as marble and granite continue to win the spaces of the house as they lend a subtle beauty to wherever they are installed. The delicate beauty derived out of its crystallized structure appeals everyone. However, stone finish surface is more than what meets just the eye. There are numerous other benefits of using the same.


No matter where you use the stone finish surface, variation is guaranteed. Be it the countertops, walls or flooring, you will find uniqueness in every corner of the house where you have used them. The distinct patterns of granite and marble make your bathroom stand out.


Natural stones not just score full marks in the sphere of looks. Since they are formed under extreme pressure, granite and marble are highly durable and does full justice to your money.

Low on Maintenance

Marble and granite are the favourite with the homeowners since they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They do not hold on to stains and thereby extremely easy to clean with a wet wipe.

Bathroom floor Low on Maintenance

A bathroom is nothing without comfort. If the flooring cannot withstand the bad effects of humidity, puddles or water sprays, no matter how pretty it looks, it is a waste of money. Granite and marble live up to the expectations. Granite and marble being seamless, water can’t seep through the cuts that make them stand firm and face the challenges well.

Which Type of Bathroom floor is Right for You?

With a lot many options available in the market that can leave you baffled, it is important to know which bathroom floor is right for you. Natural stones are highly sought after because of their wonderful virtues. Let’s have a look how to choose keeping in mind your requirements.


Amidst porcelain and ceramic tiles that are readily available in the market, the choice of the right bathroom can be quite boggling.If you are looking for something that will make the guests keep wanting for more, then marble is the right choice for you. The clear and almost glass like appearance lends a lavish finish to the bathroom. Rich in veins, its natural luster makes the bathroom glow. The color options can spoil you for choices for marble have different hues that suit all styles. Marble remains forever in fashion and makes your bathroom effortlessly stunning.


If you desire a bathroom that dis wondrous in terms of elegance and sustains the ravages of time, then granite flooring is the best for you. Different patterns of granite contribute in adding variety to the bathroom. Also, if you have children in the house who tend to soil the floor more, then granite is a good option since granite does not hold on to scratches and stains. Granite makes the bathroom look exquisite and opulent.

ClassyStone is the ultimate destination to meet your requirements. We have been dealing with the manufacture and fabrication of genuine marble over the years. Our professionals will acquaint you with the different kinds stone finish surfaces that’ll match your requirements and style. Our high quality marble and granite has an array of patterns to choose from. If you are looking to remodel your house and considering stone finish surfaces, then the market certainly has a lot to offer, but not all marble and granite stones are genuine. Trust ClassyStone to offer a 100% genuine range of products at the best prices.


The factors to revamp your bathroom flooring depend on the budget, the number of people, style and bathroom design. Bathroom flooring can breathe a fresh air in your bathroom by making it look invigorating and vivacious. Stone flooring tops aesthetically and in durability, making it a favorite of homeowners. Depending on the style and ambience, it flexes itself to adjust to all visual dynamics.

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